Депиляция бикини

Bikini Depilation

Hello, website visitors! 🙂 Today the topic of our conversation: “Bikini Depilation"or, as it is also called," depilation in the bikini zone. " This procedure every day becomes more popular and more popular.
It is worth noting that interest in removing unwanted hair in the bikini and groin area is growing not only in women. Men also actively delve into this issue. And it is quite natural that, along with various cosmetology and hairdressing services, the unisex procedure was also the depilation of a bikini in Kharkov. Now men, like the fair sex, enjoy all the benefits hair removal (depilation):

  • Naturally, hygiene comes first! Bikini depilation, due to hair removal, reduces unpleasant odors and sweating, facilitates daily care;
  • Deep depilation of bikinis in both men and women significantly increases self-confidence in their sexual attractiveness. Awareness of this liberates and relaxes;
  • Significant time savings. Waxing the bikini area allows you to forget about daily shaving for a long time;
  • The irritation and itching that occurs after shaving go away.

Deep depilation bikini: features of the procedure

Deep depilation of a bikini is a fairly intimate, personal procedure. However, there are general issues, such as soreness, sterility and tightness.

  1. Anesthesia. The minus depilation of a bikini can be considered its relative soreness. Application anesthesia (application of anesthetic creams, gels, sprays to the skin) requires additional time (from 30 minutes) and is not always effective. I recommend my clients before the procedure. bikini zone hair removal drink "Nimesil" (in 1 hour) - painful sensations are significantly dulled. I do not recommend women to do a deep depilation of bikinis on the eve of menstruation, since during this period of time, sensitivity to pain is significantly increased.
  2. Sterility. Hair removal in the bikini zone must be done with gloves! Disposable sheets, napkins ... Instruments are treated with sterilizing solutions. Special means “before” and “after” depilation are applied to the skin. Women should come to the depilation of a bikini with a swab!
  3. Shyness. This point is clear. You can talk for a long time ... Such is the specificity of the procedure. I’ll immediately summarize: take me as a doctor who has neither sex nor emotion, but has extensive experience and a great desire to follow my motto: “Your beauty is my job” :).

If you have any questions about this service or would like to sign up for electrolysis or waxing in Kharkov, call me at the phone number listed on the site. I will be happy to help you!

The best services and conditions for you:

Safety and Carefulness

All cosmetic procedures (e.g. bikini hair removal, eyebrow correction) are undertaken in compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards and with a careful attitude to each of my clients. Your health, comfort and satisfaction with the result is the key to a long-term cooperation and my top priority.

Equipment and materials

I use only high-quality materials and certified cosmetics. All procedures are undertaken with the use of professional devices. You can be sure that hair removal, as well as other services in my office, will be effective and safe.

Reasonable price and individual visiting hours

Hair removal (electro or wax) in my office is much cheaper than hair removal in other beauty salons in Kharkiv. Prices on tattooing and other services are also lower than the average in Kharkiv. Moreover, the quality of all the procedures is at the highest level! You choose the session time yourself and I do the best to make your visit comfortable.