Электроэпиляция. Вопрос-ответ.

Electrolysis. Question answer.

Hello, visitors to my site) In this article I want to pay attention to the most “popular” and frequently asked questions regarding electrolysis.  

1. Is electrolysis really possible to get rid of unwanted hair forever?

This question is one of the first on the list. It `s naturally. After all, this is the goal! Now I answer and speak only for myself and my work:

YES, the procedure of electrolysis allows you to get rid of hair forever in any area.

2. In what area can the electrolysis procedure be done?

Electrolysis is performed on any part of the body, starting with the hair line on the head and ending with the fingers and toes:

  • Electrolysis on the face - a line of hair on the head, eyebrow correction, upper lip, cheeks, chin, neck ...
  • Electrolysis on the body - chest, armpits, stomach, bikini and deep bikini area, legs, fingers ...

3. How many procedures (sessions) of electrolysis and their duration will be necessary? How long does it take to remove hair using electrolysis?

I admit that this question is quite complicated ... Especially when this question is asked by phone). Without seeing the amount of work, it is impossible to answer!

You can calculate (very approximately !!!) the amount of time needed to remove hair from a particular area when examining the area of work and having a trial session.

Here many factors matter: area, density, thickness, color, hair growth, skin and its condition ...

I understand that in order to make a decision about starting a course of electrolysis, you need to know the future cost of the procedure and plan your budget. For my part, I’ll say that after voicing for some time, I can either reassure you (by indicating less) or “scare” (by saying more). Electrolysis - a very individual procedure!

So. The procedure of electrolysis is carried out in  4-5 stageseach of which is done with one month. With each stage (each time) the hair becomes 40-60% less, respectively, and the duration of subsequent sessions is reduced.

The necessary time for hair removal by electrolysis:

  • face - from 30 min
  • armpits 3-4 hours
  • deep bikini 10-15 hours
  • knee-deep (inclusive) 8-16 hours

These figures are indicative, however, you can at least approximately plan your time and money. 

4. How many hairs can be removed in an hour? 
I don’t count the hairs and I don’t turn on the counter on the device. I think this is absolutely superfluous.

My position is this: in the procedure of electrolysis, there are no such things as speed and haste and there can be no place! You can rotate hairs at home. My task is to delete unwanted hair forever! This is what I have been doing for more than 5 years. I’m not in a hurry at work, qualitatively working through each hair. In turn, the result appears very quickly.

5. Do you do pain relief? How many minutes can you stand? ...

Besides the fact that I'm not in a hurry in my work, I also do not spare anyone). I mean that it is inexpedient to do the procedure in a gentle manner or, as they say, “so as not to hurt” at the request of clients. This will negatively affect the result. We remove painful sensations by means of application and injection anesthesia:

  • Face - “Emla” cream is applied (30-40 minutes before the start of the procedure);
  • Legs and hands - apply "Lidocaine Spray 10%", on top of the cling film (2 hours before the start of the procedure);
  • Deep bikini and armpits - an intradermal injection is introduced (immediately before the procedure).

Anesthesia allows us to carry out the procedure of electrolysis as comfortably as possible (it doesn’t hurt you) and efficiently (I work with the right current strength without causing any discomfort to you) for a long time.

If you have other questions, you can ask them at:  epilyation@gmail.com  I will be happy to answer them in the following articles.

 Electrolysis - a real chance to get rid of hair. Use it!   

The best services and conditions for you:

Safety and Carefulness

All cosmetic procedures (e.g. bikini hair removal, eyebrow correction) are undertaken in compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards and with a careful attitude to each of my clients. Your health, comfort and satisfaction with the result is the key to a long-term cooperation and my top priority.

Equipment and materials

I use only high-quality materials and certified cosmetics. All procedures are undertaken with the use of professional devices. You can be sure that hair removal, as well as other services in my office, will be effective and safe.

Reasonable price and individual visiting hours

Hair removal (electro or wax) in my office is much cheaper than hair removal in other beauty salons in Kharkiv. Prices on tattooing and other services are also lower than the average in Kharkiv. Moreover, the quality of all the procedures is at the highest level! You choose the session time yourself and I do the best to make your visit comfortable.