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Call at phone numbers below to make an appointment for electrolysis, waxing, permanent make-up, eyebrows (eyelashes) correction/coloring in Kharkiv. Also, you can get a free consultation on my services and find out the cost of the necessary procedures. And if it is more convenient for you to ask your questions by e-mail, below you can find my e-mail address.

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Derzhavinska Street, 1, Kharkiv

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Блефаропластика без операции

Омоложение кожи без операции возможно с "Maglev" Plasma Pen. Процедура безоперационной блефаропластики (подтяжка кожи вокруг глаз) заменяет хирургическую блефаропластику и помогает справиться с морщинами вокруг глаз и устранить проблему нависающего века.
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Wax Depilation

The most practical, fast and affordable waxing in Kharkov. It allows you to remove hair from any part of the body for a long time with warm or hot wax. In addition, when carrying out with regular waxing, it slows the growth of the new hairs.
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Efficient and optimal price of permanent hair removal. This hair removal method has been used successfully in Kharkov to help get rid of unwanted hair on the face, arms, legs, back, stomach, bikini line and armpits (underarms).
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The best services and conditions for you:

Safety and Carefulness

All cosmetic procedures (e.g. bikini hair removal, eyebrow correction) are undertaken in compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards and with a careful attitude to each of my clients. Your health, comfort and satisfaction with the result is the key to a long-term cooperation and my top priority.

Equipment and materials

I use only high-quality materials and certified cosmetics. All procedures are undertaken with the use of professional devices. You can be sure that hair removal, as well as other services in my office, will be effective and safe.

Reasonable price and individual visiting hours

Hair removal (electro or wax) in my office is much cheaper than hair removal in other beauty salons in Kharkiv. Prices on tattooing and other services are also lower than the average in Kharkiv. Moreover, the quality of all the procedures is at the highest level! You choose the session time yourself and I do the best to make your visit comfortable.

Recent publications:
Электроэпиляция, депиляция воском и стеснение

Наши стеснения и комплексы часто мешают нам сделать выбор или решиться на что-то.

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Безоперационный плазменный лифтинг в Харькове

Процедура плазменного лифтинга позволяет подтянуть кожу, сделать ее более гладкой и упругой.

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