Перманентный макияж

Permanent makeup

перманентный макияж в ХарьковеLovely girls! I offer you a great opportunity to always look fresh and impeccable everywhere!

My service - permanent makeup in Kharkov - is a great alternative to applying makeup daily, allowing you to hide your flaws and highlight the virtues.

With the help of permanent make-up, the face is given a persistent expressiveness of color and form, some accents are added, and at the same time, natural naturalness and realistic appearance are preserved. So you will always feel confident, dignified and comfortable: early in the morning and late in the evening; in the rain and in the sun; at home and at work; at a sudden visit of guests or during unscheduled photography.

In addition, permanent makeup is safe for the body, it can always be changed or completely removed. But most importantly, it persists for 1-3 years (depending on skin type, age, area of application and intensity of external exposure). And this means freedom from constant worries about your beauty, because you don’t have to carefully draw perfect arrows on your eyes every day, tint your eyebrows symmetrically and carefully outline the lips.

I will choose the best color, shape and technique for performing permanent makeup, taking into account your wishes and individual appearance (face shape, eye color, hair, skin, etc.). And high-quality pigments (special dyes), modern equipment for work and my professional experience will provide an excellent result.

If you wish, you can also use the service eyebrow and eyelash tinting a professional dye that preserves the expressiveness of the eyes for a month.

How is the permanent makeup procedure performed?

Permanent makeup in Kharkov today is presented in several varieties. The most popular is the permanent makeup of eyebrows, lips and eyes (eyelids), since these are the main areas of the face that women strive to highlight. And taking into account the requirements of customers to their appearance and the individual characteristics of the makeup zone, the masters perform the permanent makeup procedure using various techniques: hair technique, shading, contour, as well as a combination of these techniques. However, the procedure itself always comes down to several mandatory measures:

  1. Clarification of client preferences, requirements for the final result, as well as identification of possible contraindications to the procedure.
  2. Drawing by the master of the sketch of the future permanent makeup with the selection of the winning color and shape of the eyebrows, eyes, lips or other areas, and the client's approval of the final version. If necessary, pre-made eyebrow correction.
  3. Anesthetics for maximum comfort.
  4. Directly applying permanent makeup: introduction under the skin along the previously marked contours of dyes using a special professional device.
  5. Treatment of the area of influence with antiseptics and healing agents.
  6. Advising a client on further care for permanent make-up and providing recommendations for the successful completion of the rehabilitation period.

Some time after the procedure, when the permanent makeup of the eyebrows, lips or eyes fades, it is necessary to carry out a correction that will return the previous clarity and saturation.

To sign up for permanent makeup in Kharkov or ask a question about the service, call me on the phone number listed on the site.

The best services and conditions for you:

Safety and Carefulness

All cosmetic procedures (e.g. bikini hair removal, eyebrow correction) are undertaken in compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards and with a careful attitude to each of my clients. Your health, comfort and satisfaction with the result is the key to a long-term cooperation and my top priority.

Equipment and materials

I use only high-quality materials and certified cosmetics. All procedures are undertaken with the use of professional devices. You can be sure that hair removal, as well as other services in my office, will be effective and safe.

Reasonable price and individual visiting hours

Hair removal (electro or wax) in my office is much cheaper than hair removal in other beauty salons in Kharkiv. Prices on tattooing and other services are also lower than the average in Kharkiv. Moreover, the quality of all the procedures is at the highest level! You choose the session time yourself and I do the best to make your visit comfortable.