Удаление папиллом

Removal of papillomas

We all want to be beautiful, healthy and look best! We put a lot of effort into this: proper nutrition, diet, exercise, daily routine, absence of bad habits (refusal of those) ... Also, our schedule includes regular visits to a cosmetologist (cleansing, cares, eyebrow shaping, electrolysis, waxing), manicure masters , hairdresser, dentist, masseur ... We carry out a lot of activities to create our perfect image.

In this article, we will talk about another problem that more than half of the population faces - various neoplasms on the face and body (papillomas, warts, etc.) Papilloma is a benign formation caused by papillomavirus, which can be carried by each of us and not even suspect about it. It is a soft dense growth of up to 1-2 cm in size on a leg with an uneven outer surface, the color of which can be from white to dark brown.

If papilloma occurs on visible parts of the body (neck, face, eyelids and eyes, groin area ...), then its removal may be of purely cosmetic importance. Currently, there are many ways: from folk methods to surgical interventions.

I propose a method of electrocoagulation in Kharkiv. It is a way to remove papillomas on the body and face using a current, which is recognized throughout the world. Using this procedure, more than one neoplasm can be removed in one session.

The benefits of electrocoagulation:

  • painlessness
  • safety
  • efficiency
  • bloodlessness
  • rapid tissue healing

The electrocoagulation procedure allows you to safely, quickly and almost painlessly remove papillomas on the face and body.

How is the process of removing papillomas by electrocoagulation?

Papillomas are removed with an electrocoagulator, which is equipped with a special metal "loop" or "knife". An electric current is supplied through the "knife", which is converted into heat. To be blunt, the neoplasm is simply "annealed".

For a more comfortable procedure, local anesthesia is used. 3-5 minutes after removal of the papilloma, an inflammatory reaction may occur at the site of exposure, which disappears after a few hours. No special care is required after removal of the neoplasm.

 The most important advantage of the electrocoagulation method is its simplicity and 100% efficiency. After the procedure, a small wound remains. And after a couple of days it "tightens" into a crust, which in turn heals and goes away within 7-10 days. After 2-3 weeks (depending on the type of skin) after removal of the papilloma, the skin is restored, its color evens out and the place where the unsympathetic papilloma was previously cannot be determined.

Photos before and 5 days after removal of the papilloma 

The best services and conditions for you:

Safety and Carefulness

All cosmetic procedures (e.g. bikini hair removal, eyebrow correction) are undertaken in compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards and with a careful attitude to each of my clients. Your health, comfort and satisfaction with the result is the key to a long-term cooperation and my top priority.

Equipment and materials

I use only high-quality materials and certified cosmetics. All procedures are undertaken with the use of professional devices. You can be sure that hair removal, as well as other services in my office, will be effective and safe.

Reasonable price and individual visiting hours

Hair removal (electro or wax) in my office is much cheaper than hair removal in other beauty salons in Kharkiv. Prices on tattooing and other services are also lower than the average in Kharkiv. Moreover, the quality of all the procedures is at the highest level! You choose the session time yourself and I do the best to make your visit comfortable.